I am sure you will have lots of questions before you can decide on which photographer you choose.  I hope to answer some of these questions below but if you would like to know anything else then please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Where will the photo shoot take place?

    • The most important thing is to be somewhere where you and the children are relaxed and feel most comfortable.  This might be at home or in a nearby park and will be discussed once the booking has been made.  Most sessions are split between the two. 

    How long will the session last?

    • I don’t have a time limit on my photoshoots.  It depends on the age but I allow at least two hours.  Often we will take some photos at home and then head out to the park so the whole session might take a bit longer.  With newborns you need to allow time for feeding etc so allow longer - 3 to 4 hours. 

    What is the best age to photograph the family?

    • Any age you like!  If you want that squidgy newborn look then within two weeks of being born.  Obviously all babies are different, but if you want a smiley baby photo then it is best to wait until they are around three or four months old.   If you want them sitting up on their own then 8 months old.  With older children the best time is now!

    How do I make a booking?

    • If you haven't already registered an interest then please do so via the contact form.  We can chat through what you want from your photo shoot and I will send you an email with a few extra bits to read through.  A booking fee is required to secure the date.  Holiday periods are the busiest and can get booked up a month or two in advance so try to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.  

    What happens if my child is ill on the day?

    • There is no point in trying to photograph a child who is feeling unwell.  I am happy to reschedule to another day but obviously as much notice as possible is appreciated.  If you have to reschedule more than twice then a small re-booking fee will be applied.   

    What should I wear?

    • Once your booking has been made, you will be sent a guideline.  I often suggest having a change of outfit (if the location allows) as it adds variety to the end images.

    When and how will we view our photos?

    • Your edited images will be ready to view on a secure, password protected online viewing gallery within two weeks of the photoshoot.   The gallery will have about 30-40 fully edited images for you to choose from.


    • TKP has full public liability insurance